About COSS Solutions

COSS Solutions, established in 1981, is a privately held company, based in The Netherlands. COSS is a distributor for Fujitsu NetCOBOL since 2004 and has a proven track record in business application software design, development, maintenance and migration.  The staff of COSS Solutions consists of software engineers with decades of experience each, making COSS Solutions a strong party when it comes to understanding your business and your software.

The business model COSS Solutions deploys is lean-and-mean. We tend to minimize overhead and focus on what our customers expect from us, namely to "do the job right, within budget and on schedule".

In order to meet the quality criteria of our projects we work together with carefully selected partners, each being extremely proficient in their field. Our projects are led by Prince 2 certified engineers with thorough knowledge of the products used, the people involved and the expectations to meet.

As a distributor of NetCOBOL COSS Solutions is backed by Adaptigent (formerly GT Software) in the US and Fujitsu in Japan. COSS Solutions is registered with the Dutch chamber of Commerce under registration number 30182863.