A true alternative for MicroFocus COBOL

Many MicroFocus users are looking for an alternative COBOL vendor for their business critical applications. The drive for this search is, amongst other reasons, fed by a desire to cut down costs and to become independent of the roadmap MicroFocus sets out.

Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET is an Enterprise COBOL development system that is fully integrated with Visual Studio and generates true MSIL that runs under the CLR of Microsoft.

Applications running with Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET can be easily extended with Microsoft .NET technology and since the object and data format is Microsoft compatible the move to other programming languages such as C# becomes way more easy.

Phasing out COBOL, a tendency seen often, becomes possible but is not necessary. Replace ancient green-screen technology with Win or Web forms while keeping your valuable business logic up-and-running as long as needed (if not forever).

NetCOBOL for Windows is an Enterprise development system that generates native Windows code and is fully integrated in Eclipse (64 or 32 bit architecture) and comes with a easy to use IDE for the 32-bit architecture.

NetCOBOL is also available for Linux and Sparc.