Mainframe in the Cloud

NetCOBOL allows COBOL to interact with modern cloud-compatible languages. And it runs natively on Microsoft Azure without emulation. With NetCOBOL, you’ll retain existing functionality while taking total advantage of the cloud.

.NET to Azure

The transition from the Windows .NET Framework to Microsoft Azure is fast and easy, both are built on the same platform.

Get Servers on Demand

Get true elasticity and scalability. As business grows, virtual servers grow. As business wanes, virtual servers shrink. Microsoft Azure provides ultimate scalability to meet business needs.

Eliminate Risk

With Microsoft Azure, your data is automatically backed up and duplicated across secure servers worldwide. There simply isn’t a more secure platform. We can also setup private or hybrid clouds for ultimate privacy and security.

Worry-free IT

In Azure, Microsoft enterprise services like Exchange, Sharepoint and Dynamics are managed by Microsoft experts. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day and maintained by IT personnel. Your system will just work—without a big investment in IT staff.

Drastically Reduce Costs

Don’t waste money on hardware you don’t need. With Microsoft Azure, your system will automatically grow to meet the needs of fluctuating business cycles. You won’t pay for servers to sit idle. IT costs will shrink thanks to included support and data redundancy.