Video Tutorials - NetCOBOL for Windows

General techniques for the Windows version of NetCOBOL

The samples below are presented in the 32-bit IDE. In the current 64 bit version this IDE is replaced with Studio (Eclipse)

The programming techniques however are the same

An overview of the Project Manager
How to build DLL/EXE files
Call a .NET DLL from Fujitsu NetCobol for Windows, by making com interop available. Shows main steps to do so, creating a Type Library (TLBEXP (.tlb)) file, Register your DLL/Assembly using RegASM, View sample COBOL code to see it execute. 3 more tutorials to follow showing VB.NET, CSharp and COBOL.NET all being able to be called from Fujitsu NetCOBOL for Windows.
Calling API's with the DLOAD compiler option, 2 of 2 parts, using an entryfile
Many times you want to call a Windows API, or a C routine you wrote. This tutorial is one of two parts, showing you how you can do that.
Overview of Visual Basic 6 calling COBOL
Debugging Visual Basic 6 calling COBOL
Setting up your copybook path
How to combine multiple programs, defined in separate CBL files, into a single .EXE file using Project Manager
Changing the main program in Project Manager
Removing a COBOL program from a project
Accept from command line
Micro Focus and NetCOBOL differences