NetCOBOL For .NET version 9 

Expected release in Q2 2024

NetCOBOL For Linux Version 13.0.0 

What's New in V13.0.0 (release date 30-08-2023)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is supported.
Integration with other systems

Provides a library to help to call COBOL programs from Java. This allows you to work with rich features that Java supports, and utilize COBOL programs in many locations including the cloud. For example, you can develop a service which call a COBOL program via REST API by calling the COBOL program from a REST service written in Java.

Support for the replacement of text by partial word of international standard COBOL 2014
The source text manipulation (COPY and REPLACE statements) can now specify partial word supported by the international standard COBOL 2014.

Micro Focus user-defined word compatibility mode support
By specifying the compiler option MF or USERWORD, Micro Focus specific user-defined words can be defined in NetCOBOL. This makes it easier to migrate from third-party COBOL.

Third-party COBOL compatibility
The TRAILING phrase of the INSPECT statement can now search for a string from the rightmost position of a character string. This makes it easier to migrate from Micro Focus COBOL.

Extending where integer function and numeric function can be used
Integer function and numeric function can now be described as sending items of MOVE statements. You  can now describe the LENGTH function wherever you can specify an integer. This makes it easier to migrate from Micro Focus COBOL.

Many more added functionality, refer to the download page for more details.