NetCOBOL for .NET V8.0.2 Enterprise

What's New in V8.0.2 (release date 1/21/2021)

Supported on:
  • Visual Studio 2019 (V16.7 and later) and .NET Framework 4.8
  • Windows Server 2019 
  • SQL Server 2019
  • Support for Visual Studio Build Tools 2019
NetCOBOL for Windows V12 x64 Enterprise

What's New in V12.2

Supported on:

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1,10  
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2017

New Features

  •  Pre-compilation source convert function - automatically convert 3rd party COBOL syntax into source code that can be compiled by NetCOBOL
  •  Micro Focus COBOL file migration tool - converts Micro Focus COBOL syntax to NetCOBOL accessible format
  •  Program Repair Support - identify the source file used to create an executable file when multiple source files may have been used
  •  Dump function - dump information is written from the executable and the object program
  •  Specification for Data item boundary - can use SYNCHRONIZED clause to specify NetCOBOL native boundary or system boundary
  •  Cursor operation support - SQL function cursor operation can be specified at transaction completion
  •  Pipe support for standard input - supports reading data from pipe
  •  Explicit JavaVM path specification - specify jvm.dll path explicitly

Note:  PowerFORM and PowerBSORT GUI (x86) users should look for these applications in the Fujitsu NetCOBOL V11 folder (from the Start menu) after the install completes.

What's New in V12
The IBM LE subroutines can be used
The Fujitsu mainframe floating-point format can be used by using the Fujitsu mainframe floating-point arithmetic emulator.
Eclipse 4.6 support
NetCOBOL Studio supports breakpoints using conditional expressions during debugging time to provide efficient debugging.
NetCOBOL Studio workbench can be used with improved functionality
   - Split editor view 
   - Enlarging or reducing font size with a shortcut key 
   - The tool bar icons are enlarged even on high resolution screens.
Development environment enhancements:
 - COBOL source files can use extensions other than .cob, .cbl, and .cobol.
 - Remote development, makefile creation and remote debugging can use: 
     - COBOL libraries with extensions other than .cbl.
     - Descriptor files with extensions other than .smd and .pmd.
NetCOBOL Studio can work with files stored in a subfolder under the workspace.
For remote development, a subdirectory can have the same name as a subfolder on the server side and can send the following files stored in a subfolder under the workspace: 
     - COBOL source files, COBOL library files and descriptor files 
Compiler diagnostic message format can be turned on with a switch. The message is displayed in the standard error output window.
New releases 2018 (service packs)

Users experiencing slow responsiveness in Visual Studio with NetCOBOL V7/V8 can now download the following fixes:



New NetCOBOL 2017 releases

Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET V8 is now available for download

What's new in NetCOBOL for .NET V8:

Support for Visual Studio 2017 / .NET Framework 4.6.2

  • Support of LE subroutines - Language Environment of IBM compatibility
  • Support of XML documentation comments
  • Support of NuGet
  • Support of Standard COBOL Exception handling in the USE statement -
  • Instead of exiting the program or method, control can be returned to the
  • statement following the USE statement
  • A NEW sample collection is now provided.
  • This release also supports running COBOL programs in Windows Azure Services and accessing SQL Azure databases using COBOL.

Note: Microsoft no longer offers the Shell version of Visual Studio. A version of Visual Studio 2017 must be installed before installing NetCOBOL for .Net V8.

New NetCOBOL 2016 releases

Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET v7.0 R2 and NetCOBOL for Windows V11 x86 are now available for download. These newest product versions offer additional functionality and support of  the latest Microsoft technologies.

What's new in NetCOBOL for .NET V7.0 R2:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 / .NET Framework 4.5.2/4.6/4.6.1
  • Improved Stored procedure performance
  • Support of AcuCOBOL subroutines
  • Support of COBOL file access subroutines
  • Data Provider Extension function - supports connection to databases using Data Providers other than the .NET Framework standard Data Providers.
  • Data base distributed transaction - Using the distributed transaction, the transaction is shared between COBOL programs and .NET languages like C# or VB,etc.
  • Support of ACCEPT FROM SYSIN
  • Data base NULL character processing – You can now enable or disable the NULL value of the host variable of the output value of an alphanumeric item.
  • PICTURE strings now support 50 digits.
  • Editor Enhancements: Overtype on the sequence number area and the indicator area
  • Using the SQL CLR on .NET Framework 4
  • Support for the default value of paper size and printing format
  • COMP-6 
  • 78-literal MF compatible support
  • ACP-OF Performance Improvement
  • Azure SDK 2.8 support
  • VS2015 Update 3 support
  • Support of Micro Focus compatible mode
  • Support of SQL bigint type

Download the product here.

What's New in NetCOBOL for Windows V11 x86:

  • Now supports Windows 10
  • New Solution development level in NetCOBOL Studio (multiple programs in one solution)

NetCOBOL for Windows uses licensing software that requires activation through an online server. This version of NetCOBOL for Windows must be registered separately from any previous versions of NetCOBOL for Windows and additionally requires a separate product serial number from previous versions of the product. If you are a registered user of Fujitsu NetCOBOL for Windows with a valid service agreement with COSS Solutions, you may request your new serial number by opening a support incident. Download the product here.

When installing this new release, first uninstall your current product version.