NetCOBOL for Microsoft .NET

The NetCOBOL for .NET compiler produces Microsoft®’s Intermediate Language (MSIL) that executes under the Common Language Runtime (CLR). This language-neutral, platform-independent environment lets you mix modern languages like C# and VB.NET on any .NET-compatible hardware and in the Windows® Azure™ cloud

NetCOBOL for .NET adapts to OO COBOL syntax and supports .NET-specific extensions. That means your COBOL programs can be written to take full advantage of the .NET Framework classes

The compiler also includes Microsoft® Visual Studio Shell (Visual Studio without any other Microsoft® languages), providing an integrated development environment (IDE) for NetCOBOL for .NET

Join the .NET World

Gain access to the latest web technologies. With NetCOBOL for .NET, your COBOL applications can interact with Internet XML Web Services and ASP.NET web applications.

Cloud Ready When You Are

NetCOBOL for .NET compiles COBOL in the Windows® Azure™ cloud—without emulation or virtual machines. You’ll get true scalability, world-leading backup and disaster recovery while drastically cutting costs

Free COBOL Runtimes

Drastically cut costs and eliminate administrative headaches. There is no additional charge for distributing applications created using NetCOBOL. NetCOBOL puts you in control of your application distribution costs

NetCOBOL for .NET Packages

NetCOBOL for .NET can be purchased in two different packages: Enterprise and Universal. The Enterprise package contains the .NET-supporting components along with some other COBOL development tools. It only supports the development of applications that will execute in the .NET environment. The Universal package is a combination of the NetCOBOL for .NET Enterprise and the NetCOBOL for Windows® Enterprise products, giving you our Windows® application development environment along with the leading-edge NetCOBOL for .NET product


  • No COBOL runtime license charges
  • Compatible with Windows® Azure™ cloud computing
  • Generates standard .NET MSIL (Microsoft® Intermediate Language) code with the option to generate verifiable (web safe) code
  • Enhances COBOL syntax to allowcreation of and integration with .NET Framework objects.
  • COBOL programs can be integrated seamlessly with other languages: inheriting from classes created in other languages, invoking and being invoked by methods written in other languages
  • Full access to .NET Framework classes, including XML Web service and Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF) classes
  • Mixed language applications can be debugged with the Visual Studio debugger
  • Interoperation with COM and existing native code compilers
  • Includes and integrates with Microsoft®’sVisual Studio
  • Includes COBOL support for Windows® Forms Designer, Web Forms Designer and IntelliSense
  • ANSI Code Page (ACP) and Unicode runtime data modes aid migrating and mixing ACP applications in the .NET Unicode environment
  • Includes PowerBSORT,PowerFORM and Data Tools utilities


  • Enables you to bring mainframe/legacy COBOL code to the Windows® environment
  • You can utilize the latest technologies such as ASP.NET and WCF from COBOL using the award winning Visual Studio development environment
  • You pay no runtime license fees when distributing applications built using NetCOBOL
  • Development teams deliver faster application maintenance and development using Visual Studio
  • Lets you use the business-supporting power of COBOL, seamlessly integrated with other Windows® and .NET components
  • You can use existing COBOL skills to create up-to-date interfaces and applications or seamlessly integrate with user interfaces written in VB and C#